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Polylined KGV


These valves are being used extensively across North and South America and in Australia in the following mineral processing applications:
  Copper Processing, CCD’s, POX, Tank Leach
  Copper Concentrating, cyclones & Tailings
  Lead / Zinc, Lime / Limestone
  Gold Processing & Tailings
  Phosphate, Phos-acid
  Taconite / Iron Ore
These bi-directional valves manufactured between 2” – 40”, have two-piece bodies that encapsulate a replaceable one-piece liner. The liner is made of high quality polyurethane. The “Standard" liner has a temp rating of 200 deg F and the 'High Temp' liner 250 deg F. The Liner completely covers the internal part of the body.

The gland has a one-piece replaceable molded elastomer seal that stops any leakage. The maintenance instructions indicate the torques required on the gland bolts to get the optimum life from the seal.
The gates can be made from materials including 316 SS, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507 304 SS, Alloy 31, Hastelloy etc. The thicknesses of the gates are as follows:
02”-10” ½” thick
12”-14” 5/8” thick
16”-18” 1-1/8” thick
20”-36” 1-½” thick
40” – Above 2” thick
This valve can be re-built time and time again by your plant maintenance personnel. Besides providing exceptional wear life, the urethane liner is easy and inexpensive to replace. Usually, the Poly Lined valve can be rebuilt for 15 - 20% of the cost of a new valve.

This valve can be fitted with hand wheels or bevel gears for Manual operation or can be fitted with all types of actuators for on / off isolation.

Manual Polylined KGV

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