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Hy-Seal 'M' Series

The Hy-Seal M series is the most popular style of slurry knifegate valve. This series of valve from 2 through to 24 comprises a heavy duty, rugged one piece cast body. The heavy-duty chest keeps the build-up of material, slurries, etc to a minimum.

These valves are designed to accommodate several layers of square braided PTFE packing in a conventional gland. The heavy duty gates are straightened and ground to move smoothly through the packing as the valve strokes, extending the life of the packing and increasing the period of time between gland bolt adjustments. The robust gland follower can be energized - live loaded - for applications that require frequent stroking of the valve.

The M Series is available in CF8M, Cast 2205, Cast 2507 and CD4MCu

The M Series slurry valves can be fitted with a range of operators like hand-wheels, bevel gear boxes, pneumatic cylinder actuators, hydraulic and electric operators.
The options offered with the M Series Hy-Seal Slurry Valves are:
  Deflector cones in Ni-Hard or polyurethane to protect the integral seat
  High temperature packing for applications above 300 deg C
  Live Loaded Glands for frequent operation
  Brick Packed Glands for long life and low maintenance
  Scrapers to remove any scale or material build-up on the gate
  Flushing ports to remove any build-up of material from the chest and seat
  Mechanical locking device for lockout situations
  Open / Closed proximity sensors to signal the valve position
  Solenoids fitted and piped up to enable quick and easy installation
  Junction box with terminal strip that allows cable for the solenoid and sensors to be terminated


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