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HY-SEAL 'E' Series

The Bi-directional E Series is a very popular style of knifegate valve used for light slurries and dirty water. This is an edge seated valve indicating that sealing occurs around the perimeter of the gate by a robust rubber seal that provides bi-directional shutoff. Sealing occurs between the gate and seal requiring no line pressure to assist shutoff.

The valve body is designed to retain the seal that is trapezoidal in shape and this prevents seal pullout and rollover. The body provides an extra space behind the seal in the bore area and this greatly reduces seal compression when the valve is closed. This lack of excessive compression stops the seal from bulging on both sides of the gate, as this could damage the seal or force it out of shape.

No cavity around the seat for material to collect removes the cause for premature failure of the valve. This non-existence of the cavity also removes the need for flushing ports and as the seal is kept in line with the body deflector cones are not required.

The E Series is available in CF8M, Cast 2205, Cast 2507 and CD4MCu

This 'E' Series valve from 2 through to 24 comprises a heavy duty, rugged one piece cast body. The conventional gland area is designed to accommodate several layers of square braided PTFE packing.

The 'E' Series valves can be fitted with a range of operators like hand-wheels, bevel gear boxes, pneumatic cylinder actuators, hydraulic and electric operators.

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